AIOPS 2021

Second International Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

Dubai Virtual, November 22, 2021

Organized by Huawei - TU Berlin Innovation Lab, DOS TU Berlin

AIOPS 2021 Accepted Papers

  1. Log Attention – Assessing Software Release with Attention-based Log Anomaly Detection
    Sohail Munir, Hamid Ali and Jahangeer Qureshi
  2. A Taxonomy of Anomalies in Log Data
    Thorsten Wittkopp, Philipp Wiesner, Dominik Scheinert and Odej Kao
  3. Little Help Makes a Big Difference: Leveraging Active Learning to Improve Unsupervised Time Series Anomaly Detection
    Hamza Bodor, Thai V. Hoang and Zonghua Zhang
  4. MMRCA: MultiModal Root Cause Analysis
    Gary White, Jaroslaw Diuwe, Erika Fonseca and Owen O'Brien
  5. IAD: Indirect Anomalous VMMs Detection in the Cloud-based Environment
    Anshul Jindal, Ilya Shakhat, Jorge Cardoso, Michael Gerndt and Vladimir Podolskiy